Invited Speakers and Talks

  • L. Balents (UCSB)
    Is there a quantum spin liquid in quantum spin ice?

  • J. Burgess (Alberta)
    Intermediate timescale transitions among bistable states in nanoscale magnetic elements

  • J. Coey (Dublin)
    Dilute ferromagnetic oxides - are they possible?

  • H. Guo (McGill)
    Helical spin states in 3d topological insulator Bi2Se3 from atomic first principles

  • K. Hall (Dalhousie)
    Ultrafast carrier response in GaMnAs

  • B. Hillebrands (Kaiserlautern)
    Magnonic crystals

  • T. Kimura (Osaka)
    Hexagonal ferrites as room-temperature magnetoelectrics

  • S. Nagler (Oak Ridge)
    Competing Interactions and a Tale of Two Spinels

  • U. Nowak (Konstanz)
    Complex spin dynamics at finite temperatures

  • D. Ryan (McGill)
    Neutron diffraction and magnetic order: Doing it right, keeping them honest

  • O. Tchernyshyov (Johns Hopkins)
    Dynamics of magnetic charges in artificial spin ice

  • J. van Lierop (Manitoba)
    Increased surface spin stability in g-Fe2O3 nanoparticles with a magnetic CuO shell